Why we are looking for wordsmiths?

Why we are looking for wordsmiths?
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Almost two months ago, an Android developer who was working in a “Baagh Global” funded company, applied at Inkredo and got rejected without being tested for technical skills.

We believe a startup is good as its people, idea is secondary. We want to know you as a person who you are, what rocks your boat and what fires you up? We all are individuals and we respect each other’s identity, however we are not looking for ideological clones.

We want to know you and why do you want to invest your time in Inkredo.

Why are we asking every potential hire to write?

Everyone will play with data in any organisation because that’s how decisions are made in any modern day company. Data is more than a number, there is a story hidden behind else it is meaningless. We are looking for people who can communicate effectively and make things easy to understand because we’ll be bringing chaotic things to order while entropy of data will always increase with time.It was a hard decision for us to make because programming is one of the fields where a non-English speaking can still be a great programmer. That said, in last few years of developing and meeting communities of programmers has taught me that programmers who can communicate ideas clearly are far, far more effective than who can really communicate via compilers. Language is crucial for documenting code, writing specifications and technical design documents that other people can understand.

“Brilliant programmers who have trouble explaining their ideas just can’t make much of a contribution.” — Joel Spolsky, Creator of MS Excel, Fog Creek, Trello and Stack Overflow

India is a land of non-native English speakers and hence we try to be considerate with speakers who are nonetheless excellent communicators.Please avoid cliches — don’t bore us with superstar and rockstar stories. If you consider yourself as an eager learner, a kind and supportive human being who can develop trust with strangers but ambitious minds then you have a home here.

Diversity is important in building or creating great things. There are few better ways to expand your horizons and grow as a person than putting yourself into company of diverse minds with different experiences, backgrounds and identities. So don’t shy away and show us that you belong here. We’ll do great things together.