Inkredo 2.0

The all new redesigned Inkredo dashboard and APIs!

Inkredo 2.0

This is our biggest update yet. It is built from the ground up with reliability and scalability as the main focus.

Multiple statement analysis

This update allows you to upload multiple statements for the same borrower belonging to multiple banks without any hassle. Now you don't have to merge those statements.


You don't have to share the login credentials with your teammates as Inkredo now supports adding multiple members of your team. To add new members, simply sign up for a new account with your registered company name (provided your company KYC is approved!) and an email belonging to your company domain.


The parsing API is now by design asynchronous. Whether it is a 1 page bank statement or a 100 page one, you don't need to stay on the same page and wait for the parsing to finish. Continue with your work and Inkredo will continue processing the statement in the background.


We are leveraging AWS' incredible tools and have made the platform serverless so that you don't face any scalability issues from Inkredo as you grow.

Improved analysis

Now you get more insights from the analysis like when viewing the significant transactions, Inkredo can highlight any suspicious transactions.

Spot model

We recently released the Spot model and in this version we have improved it even more and give you more entities extracted from within a transaction like UPI ID, phone number, IFSC, etc.

New home

New home for the interactive dashboard, for the developers and for the browsers.

Improved API

We know how much developers love good API docs and that is what we have tried to achieve with the new documentation with a constantly updated changelog, sample code and consistent response structure so that you don't get any surprises when the API returns any unexpected result.

Refreshing new UI

New design to focus on the interesting parts of the analysis.

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